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Case study - Patient Reported Outcome Measurements (PROM)

Case study - Patient Reported Outcome Measurements (PROM)

AI is data hungry: The challenges of data prep for medtech

Artificial intelligence has tremendous potential for the healthcare system. But it’s success requires large quantities of accurate data, among other things.

Digital Transformation in Clinical Trials

Today's digital transformation in clinical trials is showing great potential to drive efficiencies. Deploying a digital strategy requires investments and a change in culture but this will undoubtedly lead to more insights, time and cost savings in the long run. Download this white paper and discover how digital technologies can lead to improved patient engagement, a digitally empowered workforce and data-driven decision management.


Integrate data silos and eClinical systems and connect to what matters to you. If it's a one-time import, a transfer from internal systems or a connection with external applications, staicy integrates all data efficiently.

Case study - OBSERVE PILOT


genae Launches staicy

genae, a global service provider for the medical industries, today announced the launch of staicy, a data-driven health and research management platform.

genae achieved Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner status

genae achieved Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status.


Visualize data correlation with personalized dashboards from nearly any device across all major operating systems and experience a 360-degree view of your health and research project. Make decisions based on predictive and prescriptive analytics with staicy’s AI.

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genae buys Hilbert Paradox

genae, a global service provider for the medical industries, today announced the acquisition of Hilbert Paradox (HPX), a digital health data management platform.