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Manage and shape your health and research project with staicy’s intuitive design and made-to-measure modules. staicy’s unique geo-storage feature allows you to store your data where you want it and abide with current data and privacy regulations.

Case study - Ambulatory ECG analysis

Case study – Ambulatory ECG analysis and reporting for arrhythmia detection

Connect the dots of your health & research project with staicy | Webinar | 25 June 2018

View this webinar to learn how staicy can integrate seamlessly your internal and external clinical applications and utilize her proprietary functionality to uniquely select geographical storage location for your data.

Digital health

Digital health


Go from data to insights to action in minutes - all with diverse, interactive analytic tools when and where you need it. Complement traditional query tools with visual data discovery and produce beautiful customized reports with ease.

Google claims new AI-powered EHR tech can predict hospital patient outcomes, including death

Artificial intelligence researchers at Google claim they have used new software to more accurately predict hospital patient outcomes, including death, discharge and readmission, than is currently possible with existing software, according to a Quartz report.

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Visualize data correlation with personalized dashboards from nearly any device across all major operating systems and experience a 360-degree view of your health and research project. Make decisions based on predictive and prescriptive analytics with staicy’s AI.

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genae buys Hilbert Paradox

genae, a global service provider for the medical industries, today announced the acquisition of Hilbert Paradox (HPX), a digital health data management platform.