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Fighting Misinformation Targeted at Patients in Clinical Trials (I)

If sponsors want to enroll and retain patients, they must take steps to mediate the information overload & falsehoods that their patients are exposed to and continue to establish trusting relationships with them. Using the correct guidance as a road map, sponsors can work to drive recruitment, enrollment and completion of their trials with more robust data at a lower cost and reach their goals of regulatory approval at a faster rate.

Fighting Misinformation Targeted at Patients in Clinical Trials (II)

The idea of “fake news” has pervaded the way in which we view world news. As a result, the veracity of any claim can easily be called into question. In a survey of brands and companies, 42% of Americans believe they are not as truthful as they were 20 years ago. The idea of false information is not new, but the reaction it elicits is stronger than ever seen before.

How Are Clinical Trials Impacted By The GDPR? | Webinar | 7 March 2019

Often described as the most important development in data privacy regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation is intended to strengthen data security for individuals. View this 30 min. webinar to better understand how clinical trials are impacted by the GDPR.