With you,
for you

staicy is a cloud-based health & research data management platform. It allows you to connect the dots of your clinical trial by managing, analyzing, correlating and integrating research data, all while keeping full control.


Manage and shape your trial with a fully equipped EDC platform, with intuitive design and made-to-measure modules. Choose where to physically store your data with the unique geo-storage feature.


Go from data to insights to action in minutes with diverse analytic tools when and where you need it. staicy makes publishing and sharing your beautiful customized reports easy.


Visualize data correlation with personalized dashboards and experience a 360 degree view of your clinical trial. Monitor your data from nearly any device, across all major operating systems.


Integrate data silos and connect to what matters to you. If it's a one-time import, a transfer from internal systems or a connection with external applications, staicy integrates all data efficiently.