Let staicy reveal the beauty of your health data

Create your own health portrait


Manage and shape your health & research project with staicy’s intuitive design and made-to-measure modules. staicy’s patented geo-storage feature allows you to store your data where you want it, and abide with current data and privacy regulations.

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Go from data to insights to action in minutes - all with diverse, interactive analytic tools when and where you need it. Complement traditional query tools with visual data discovery and produce beautiful customized reports with ease.

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Visualize data correlation with personalized dashboards from nearly any device and experience a 360-degree view of your health and research project. Make decisions based on predictive and prescriptive analytics with staicy’s AI.

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Integrate data silos and eClinical systems and connect to what matters to you. If it's a one-time import, a transfer from internal systems or a connection with external applications, staicy integrates all data efficiently.

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Involving multiple sites in 85 countries


420 active and completed clinical trials


More than 11,293 active user accounts


Enrolling 114,415 subjects