core lab tracker

Transferring large image data sets has never been easier. By ensuring immediate and automated tracking, this central communication platform allows all parties to stay up-to-date.

Tired of using a shared folder or courier when transferring images?
Not to mention the enormous amount of time you lose.
core lab tracker improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your clinical trials, reducing time, cost and frustration.

Automated tracking

Transferring large image data sets has never been easier. Using the latest compression technology, core lab tracker ensures immediate and automated tracking as the central communication platform provides all parties with up-to-the-minute data.

No installation required

Since it is web-based, no installation is required at the sending or receiving site meaning all parties can review their transactions and download reports at any time. What’s more, you decide where to store images. This can be at the receiving site, in the cloud or even at multiple locations.

With the use of the core lab tracker I was able to transfer and track images at once. It’s so easy to work with this user-friendly tool.

— Clinical Programs Manager
​​​​​​​Medical Device Company, Ireland

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