Site Selection

Choosing the right site is not an easy task. Yet, it is key to choose well, to avoid the need for a new site or replacement site during your trial. Our team is experienced and well informed, and will go the extra mile to find the site that suits your trial.

The right site meets many needs. It must fit the sponsors’ needs, but also the study requirements for start-up activities. Furthermore, the right site is a highly productive site in a suitable geographical location that can efficiently achieve your accrual goals. Choosing your site will be one of the most pivotal things to do when starting your clinical trial.

genae makes sure the site fits your trial. Our team is highly experienced and has detailed knowledge across therapeutic areas. The in-house team will be assisted by our unsurpassed network of Key Opinion Leaders, with on-site experience across the world. By working together with all these parties, we are always able to find the right site at the right time.

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