Site management

There’s more to site management than simply monitoring. To keep adequate oversight at any given moment, you also must know all the details. Therefore, genae offers much more than monitoring.

To manage your site efficiently, we:

  • properly review the subject’s safety and the site’s adherence to regulations
  • maintain regular and proactive communication with all parties, at every stage from start-up to close-out
  • function as a primary point of contact during the course of your trial

This collaboration increases the quality of your data and makes sure your trials run efficiently.

Feel free to contact us so we can further help you with your site management.

Alex Hall

Thank you for your fantastic support during our collaboration, you feel like part of our team and we could not have done the job without you! It has genuinely been a pleasure to work with you! 

— Alex Hall, Research Manager
​​​​​​​Emory University, USA

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