Project management

When we lead your project, our main concern is to release you from any stress related to the project management. We initiate and manage the project team for your trial and we coordinate communication between all parties.

What your dedicated project team will do for you:

  • plan and execute critical milestones for each study
  • provide excellent customer service and proactive communication
  • coordinate communication between all parties including investigators, committee members, and sponsors
  • oversee day-to-day activities of all team members
  • identify efficiencies and processes to improve your data quality


As the CEO of a small company, I am focused on costs and generally allergic to CROs, but not with these guys! They are true partners and are focused on helping us achieve our goals efficiently.

—  Ravish Sachar MD FACC, UNC-REX Health Care
University of North Carolina, USA

We always keep a strict eye on quality, budget, and timeline. genae is deeply familiar with KPI identification and management, risk mitigation, and effective budgeting. Also, we will track and manage predefined metrics, timelines, and anticipated trends. Above all, we are there to make sure your clinical trial runs smoothly.

Want to hear more about our full-service project management? Contact us and find out how we can support your trial.


staicy, our digital health data management platform, allows you to connect the dots of your health & research project by managing, analyzing, correlating and integrating your data.

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