On-site & Remote Monitoring

When it comes to monitoring, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Maybe your trial needs more than on-site monitoring? genae can provide you with a tailor-made plan that fits your trial, including remote or risk-based monitoring.

Nowadays, the complexity of clinical trial procedures can make pure on-site monitoring expensive and inefficient. Therefore, genae provides you with a custom monitoring plan that considers your unique study needs. In this, we provide options remote clinical data review, as a supplement to on-site monitoring. Our risk-based monitoring meets relevant regulatory body standards and means:

  • smaller teams of monitors can handle communication with sites remotely
  • only a percentage of incoming data is reviewed for accuracy based upon a thorough risk assessment

I worked with the genae team when I needed to hire quality monitoring services for a First In Human (FIH) study in stroke prevention. The team was very professional during all the project steps. I would definitely recommend partnership with them for start-up companies.

— Sagit Broder, Pre-clinical, Clinical & RA Manager
​​​​​​​Javelin Medical Ltd., Israel

With remote monitoring and risk-based monitoring as an addition to on-site monitoring, we can guarantee:

  • enhanced data currency and better information to make decisions
  • cleaner interim data, faster database locks
  • lower risk for interpretation issues concerning regional and country-level protocols

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