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Let's Get you Ready for your Clinical Trial - EU perspective

Webinar with Marilyn Hendrickx, Clinical Program Manager, genae Belgium
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​28 March 2018

Whether you are a first-time inventor or a large manufacturer, the thrill of bringing a medical device to market is both exhilarating and overwhelming. The development of a successful device not only requires optimized design efforts, but also clinical, regulatory & marketing expertise.

View this 30 min. webinar to gain insight on the most important steps in designing your clinical trial from an EU perspective and increasing your chances of successfully launching your product.

Discussion points include:
•  Pre-development
•  Reimbursement Landscape
•  Regulatory Landscape
•  Concept formulation
•  Feasibility Assessment
•  Design: Verification & Validation
•  ISO13485: QMS
•  ISO14971: Risk Management
•  Clinical Evaluation
•  Clinical Investigation
•  Study Design
•  Study Conduct
•  Regulatory approval
•  Reimbursement application
•  Device launch preparation
•  Post Market Clinical Follow-up
•  Vigilance Reporting Requirements

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