How do you guarantee to deliver high-quality data at the end of your trial?

Q&A with Bianca Strooband, Sr Project and Data Manager at genae

Q: How do you guarantee to deliver high-quality data at the end of your trial?

A: One of the major aspects that brings our data cleaning process to the next level is the strong collaboration we have between the clinical team and the data management team. Rather than just placing the queries online, the data management team includes the clinical team on any discrepancy identified. The clinical team can then on their end address these discrepancies at site, resolving the queries and ensuring to have clean data much quicker.

In addition, the data management team will not only check every single data point for completeness or correctness but will also look at the bigger picture. This by reviewing and comparing data amongst forms and visits on a patient level, but also by checking for data outliers amongst patients.

Strengthened by the fact that each data management team member is acquainted with the SQL programming language, we can guarantee that any report or any listing, how complex they might seem, can be programmed. In this way, we can ensure to define and resolve any discrepancies and we can provide our customers with a high-quality database in the end.

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