How do you cope with data protection and data privacy in your database?

Q&A with Bianca Strooband, Sr Project and Data Manager at genae

Q: How do you cope with data protection and data privacy in your database?

A: When it comes to data privacy, genae commits itself that no personal data is captured on our platforms that can be related directly to the patient. Also, the data captured in staicy's EDC system is pseudonymized, meaning that the patient will have a unique subject ID and will only be referenced as such in the EDC system. 

We’re also privileged that we will be able to provide our customers an additional feature called geostorage. Geostorage ensures that the data collected is physically stored in the geographical area where the data has been collected and the patient is located, hence complying to one of the major components of the new General Data Protection Regulation. All these aspects together ensure that genae continues to be the key player when it comes to data, privacy and protection.

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