How can staicy connect and process your device data?

Q&A with Barbara Zwick, Sr Program Manager Digital Health at genae

Q: How can staicy connect and process your device data?

A: staicy can connect and process your device data in a simple 3-step workflow. By capturing, managing and visualizing your data, staicy becomes an integral part of your product.

First, staicy connects with your device and securely captures your data in compliance with HIPAA and GDPR. staicy then allows you to manage your data, while AI, physician and patient input can be involved to generate new insights. Finally, your data is visualized, whether it's via a personalized dashboard, a mobile app or a simple export.

Let’s have a look at some examples. A wearable vest that monitors lung fluids can be connected to staicy. When fluids accumulate, real time notifications are sent to the patient and the physician. The data measured by wearable sensors can be captured by staicy and deliver clinical insights via dashboards. We can connect an ECG patch to staicy, and set up a platform to upload, download and share ECG data.

Do you have a device that generates data? Let us know and let us help connect your device.

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