How can you successfully drive patient enrollment of your clinical trial?

Q&A with Rebekah Badders, Clinical Research Associate at genae Americas

Q: How can you successfully drive patient enrollment of your clinical trial?

A: Participants in any trial today are not just seen as bodies to generate data, but as active participants. To drive enrollment in any trial, prospective patients should be seen as partners - without them the success of the trial is dubious. Consequently, as much effort should be made in tailoring to their needs and lifestyles to make participation as streamlined and painless as possible, while ensuring that safety and quality. 

Everything from patient friendly visit schedules, study staff that is groomed to give the attention potential subjects need, and advertising, using traditional methods and new social media avenues that is not misleading but creates interest - all can be utilized to bolster enrolment toward a final, successful regulatory submission.

Find out how genae can drive patient enrollment and provide you with a tailor-made plan that fits your clinical trial, including on-site, remote or risk-based monitoring.

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