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01. 09.2015

Tackling the challenges of novel cancer therapies - The clinical research perspective

Discovery and development of novel therapeutics to address society’s unmet medical needs is the ultimate goal of research-driven pharmaceutical companies. Despite industry efforts, success rates in oncology have been declining over time. More and more device-based therapies and interventions are being developed however, delivering promising results in cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Clinical research is key to increasing our understanding of cancer and enabling advances in prevention, detection and treatment; thus reducing incidence and improving outcomes for people affected by this disease. As the development of a medical device follows a different route than that of a drug, the combined experience and knowledge of both therapeutic and product areas is a prerequisite to perform novel, high quality and cost-efficient oncology studies.

This white paper demonstrates that therapeutic leadership and specialized operational teams have become essential to obtain maximum efficiencies while conducting oncology clinical trials. Download your FREE paper below.