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08. 08.2019

Regulatory Challenges of Software as a Medical Device

The healthcare industry is witnessing many changes in this digital era. A recent revolutionary development in digital health technology is software that can perform complex medical functions - software as a medical device (SaMD). Download this white paper and discover why implementing a regulatory strategy early in the development will go far in bringing you closer to successful market access of your SaMD.

06. 08.2019

Orthopedic expertise

As a sponsor, you are very aware of the unique challenges found in orthopedic trials. When barriers such as design, sample size, and the need for patient-centered outcomes are overcome, evidence from trials can have a positive impact on surgical practice. At genae, we tap into our wide range of orthopedic and spine product experience to guide you through every step of your clinical journey. Download this case study and discover our orthopedic expertise.

21. 05.2019

How to get Meaningful Insights from your Data | Webinar | 21 May 2019

We produce unprecedented quantities of data on a daily basis and it requires a solid data management platform to process and visualize this data. View this 30 min. webinar to better understand how staicy brings health and research data together and delivers insightful, actionable analytics.

02. 05.2019

Digital Transformation in Clinical Trials

Today's digital transformation in clinical trials is showing great potential to drive efficiencies. Deploying a digital strategy requires investments and a change in culture but this will undoubtedly lead to more insights, time and cost savings in the long run. Download this white paper and discover how digital technologies can lead to improved patient engagement, a digitally empowered workforce and data-driven decision management.