20. 08.2018

Untangling the Complexities of Clinical Trials

genae was interviewed by Pharma Tech Outlook on the complexities of clinical trials. Discover this must-read article and how genae identified an unmet need for excellence in medical device clinical trials.

Medical device and diagnostic companies are conducting more clinical trials than ever, as more than 500,000 types of devices are produced globally each in service to a variety of health objectives. Clinical trials that encompass thousands of patients generate large amounts of data - from the processes that span across enrollment to site-activation and monitoring. On a simple yet powerful mission to combine these massive amounts of clinical data with technological expertise to deliver the best results at the end of the trial period is genae.

Pharma Tech Outlook interviewed Philippe Kassab, president of genae Americas, on how genae tackles the complexities of clinical trials. Read the full article here!