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01. 10.2017

Corporate presentation

Since our foundation in 2005, genae's mission has been to improve health and quality of life by innovating and accelerating high quality research. Download this corporate presentation and discover our services and fields of expertise.

19. 06.2017

Valvular heart expertise

Each year over 700,000 heart surgeries take place across the world. Of those surgeries, more than 250,000 are valve repairs and valve replacements. Our cardiovascular clinical team is highly experienced, working on clinical trials across a diverse spectrum of valvular issues in medical devices.

30. 03.2017

Neurological expertise

Well-established client relationships, streamlined clinical operations, and dedicated, knowledgeable study teams drive the success of Medical Device Clinical Research. At genae, we view clinical research involving neurological and neurovascular disorders as a key focus area.