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01. 12.2017

Corporate presentation

Since our foundation in 2005, genae's mission has been to improve health and quality of life by innovating and accelerating high quality research. Download this corporate presentation and discover our services and fields of expertise.

09. 11.2017

Are You Prepared For The New EU Medical Device Regulation? | Webinar | 9 November 2017

The new EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) was officially passed in May 2017 and manufacturers now have until 2020, to be fully compliant with all changes set forth within the new regulation. View this webinar to better understand the changes that clinical affairs teams should prepare for now to be successful under the new regulation.

27. 10.2017

From idea to market - The road to a successful medical device launch

Whether you are a first-time inventor with a novel idea emerging from an unmet need in patient care or a large manufacturer with a rich history in bringing medical devices to the market, the thrill of being at the forefront of an innovative concept is both exhilarating and overwhelming. The development of a successful medical product not only requires optimized engineering design efforts, but also clinical, regulatory, marketing and business expertise.