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General Conditions Of Sale

  1. genae associates nv and its subsidiaries and affiliates are collectively referred to as "GENAE". 
  2. All orders are subject to the present general conditions, excluding counterparty's own conditions. Deviations to these general conditions are only possible after written approval of GENAE. In case a contract has been signed, that contract will have preference over these general conditions, in which case counterparty agrees that the contract has been drawn up in English. 
  3. All prices are exclusive of shipping costs and VAT if not specified otherwise in writing. 
  4. Parties commit to treat as confidential all information revealed during negotiations or the conclusion of agreements, related to the commercial activities of the parties, even after termination of such agreement. 
  5. The term of delivery, including the time of delivery is only an indication. Failure to respect the time and term of delivery does not have as a consequence that GENAE fails to respect her delivery obligations. 
  6. Delivery must be protested within 8 days, in case customer wants to invoke irregularities or  mistakes in the delivered goods or services. After this period, no irregularity or mistake can be invoked. This protest does not discharge customer of the obligation to pay. 
  7. All invoices are payable 8 days after invoice date, except if mentioned otherwise on the invoice. 
  8. In case an invoice is not paid on its due date, a late payment fee of 12% is due by law and this without prior notice. Each started month is regarded as a complete month. If the invoice is not paid within the above specified term, a fee of 15% of the invoice amount is due to compensate for damages, interests due by law and judicial costs or compensations. 
  9. If different parties conclude one single agreement with GENAE, each party has the obligation to fulfill all conditions and obligations resulting from the agreement. 
  10. In case counterparty does not fulfill the liabilities with respect to GENAE, GENAE has no obligation to fulfill her liabilities to counterparty. 
  11. GENAE can not be held liable for damage caused by the use of her services. 
  12. GENAE can not be held liable in case the agreement cannot be executed as a result of cause beyond control such as: war, circumstances of war, fire, flood, governmental measures and non-respect of terms of delivery of suppliers of GENAE. 
  13. The Belgian law applies to all agreements. Only the Courts of Antwerp are qualified to treat disputes that result from the Agreement. 

Updated 1 OCTOBER 2017