e-Solutions, including Data Management, Statistics and electronic data tools, target on the quality, consistency and completeness of the data.

The e-capture.net platform features an easy-to-use web interface, complex validation, advanced reporting and secure access throughout the whole application.

The platform is designed to be 21CFR part 11 compliant.

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    edc2go allows you to easily set up your eCRF by using available templates or by starting from scratch. Create your own views by adding your logo and by adapting color schemes to your wishes.

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Transferring large image data sets has never been easier. Ensuring immediate and automated tracking, the central communication platform allows all parties to stay up to date. No installation is required at the sending or receiving site.

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Data management
Data Management services include:

  • Data Management Plan development
  • Case Report Form (CRF)/eCRF design and review
  • Data Validation specification (Data Validation Plan)
  • Edit checks programming and testing
  • Ongoing data review and query management
  • Customized status reports/trackers

genae statisticians are experienced in the statistical analysis of clinical trial data in general and in advanced statistical analysis methods for power calculations, interim & final statistical analysis and stopping rules in specific. Our ability to link databases from the core lab with the trial databases results in an unsurpassed data pool for strategic, scientific and marketing decisions.

Medical coding
Medical coding of Adverse Events (MedDRA)
Reconciliation of Serious Adverse Events and other data

edc2go is an intuitive, secure and validated database which can be easily customized and personalized according to your own specific needs.

Szymon Bieganski

Research Scientist - Philips Healthcare, USA

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