When working with us, you leverage our extensive experience in the central coordination and logistics of clinical research projects.

Project & Site Management
genae offers global project and site management services. The Clinical Project Manager initiates and manages the project team for your trial and coordinates the communication between all parties including the investigators, committee members and sponsor.
Our unsurpassed network of Key Opinion Leaders enables finding the right sites at the right time.

Depending on the needs of your trial, on-site, remote or risk-based monitoring is performed to ensure protocol and regulatory compliance. 

Audits are a regular part of clinical trials today. The experienced auditing team ensures that your sites are ready for any regulatory inspection or BIMO audit.

Risk-based monitoring
A risk-based approach to clinical monitoring can facilitate efficient trial delivery without compromising patient safety or data quality. genae’s risk-based monitoring capabilities include:
  • Allow smaller teams of monitors to handle communication with sites remotely
  • Reviewing only a percentage of incoming data for accuracy

Insourcing or Outsourcing - Do the sums add up?
Read our white paper that tackles the benefits and challenges of both approaches and sheds light on what to take into consideration when outsourcing your clinical trial to a CRO. Download your FREE paper here.
Whether I’m working with genae on a large randomized study or an investigator-driven project, I find the company to be highly responsive to my needs as a sponsor.

Jeff Mifek

Director of Clinical and Scientific Research St. Jude Medical, USA

sites in 42 countries conducting clinical research with genae

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