The genae
genae’s expertise covers a broad range of therapeutic areas. The knowledge and understanding of the specific area of your therapy or device ensures compliance and facilitates in the actual conduct of your trial.
Your advantage of working with genae is captured in our extensive experience in the central coordination and logistics of clinical research projects.
genae’s mission is to improve health and quality of life by innovating and accelerating high quality research – with a zealous dedication to safety and ethics.
With local anchoring, we aim at accelerating high-quality and cost-contained recruitment and execution of your global medical device trials.
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genae updates webinar 6 October 2016

04 March 2016

Not all electronic data capture systems are the same. When you compare to other EDC platforms, the difference is clear. View this 30 min. webinar and discover all the capabilities you could gain by switching to e‑ You’ll see that our system simply offers more.

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How to design your Clinical Trial - Solving the puzzle

01 September 2016

Bringing a new medical treatment to market is a challenging process. It is estimated that clinical development programs fail four times out of five. Although a clinical trial can fail for many reasons, poor trial design is often the main cause for failure. A well-planned trial design helps mitigate failure risk and set the trial on a path to success. This paper guides you through the most important steps in successfully designing your clinical trial.

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TCT 2016 - Washington

29 October 2016

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